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Well, sorry for the long delay in updating my page, before COVID hit I wrote a Christmas song, I am working on getting it recorded and hope that with all this time on my hands that I would be writing more but so far no luck so please pray that I will buckle down and get to work.

Upcoming performances:

None due to COVID.

Why I Started Writing Songs

The year was 2000 and I was at the National Canadian Catholic Cursillo Conference in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. There is always a concert as part of the final night celebrations and anyone can share their talents. I sang a song a capella. I hadn't really thought about performing but when the time came it seemed like a good idea. Monsignor Michael Stewart from the Caribbean came up to me to ask if I had composed the song and I told him no and that I was not a composer and really just a singer and my strength in music was interpreting songs. He looked at me and told me that one day I would write music... Fast forward to 2010, there is a group in Calgary that runs churchintheair, a website that shares the Christian message. They have a studio where programs are recorded and the founder wanted me to record and sing in their studio but the problem is that with no budget the songs had to be original so that royalties and other copyright problems might be avoided... I told them I wasn't a songwriter, just a singer and felt called to record a CD but wasn't sure what to do. They insisted that I tour the facilities anyway and see what they offered. While there, Maureen Ranahan suggested that they pray for me to start composing so, a group of christians, Catholic & Protestant, prayed over me. That was October 2010. The summer of 2011 I wrote 4 songs in the space of a month. I am awed by the fulfillment of the prophecy spoken to me by Monsignor Stewart and by the power of God that has brought it to fruition. I'm not sure why I'm spending all this money on recording music that will probably not go very far but at the same time I am sure it is what I am called to do so I will obey. I ask for prayers as I continue this journey where I cannot see the path and sometimes lack the courage to take the next step forward. Thank you for those who have bought my recordings and encouraged me in this journey, and for the many prayers already said. Thank you for your continued support and prayers

I am pleased to announce the release of my SECOND single Who Do You Say That I Am.
It is available at iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and other providers as well.

My first releaseA Man Named Jesus
is available at iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and other providers as well. Both releases can be previewed at the links below.

Amazon Music

Recent performances:

in Calgary Opera Production of Die Fledermaus and Filumena